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www.injury-lawyers.com.au cover all areas of personal injury law, this includes.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you may have an entitlement to compensation. In most cases we will be able to tell you straight away if you have a claim.

Workers Compensation

If you have suffered an injury at work or arising out of or in the course of your employment then you are likely to have an entitlement to workers compensation. You do not have to prove that your injury was someone else’s fault.

You may also be entitled to a common law claim in certain circumstances when a party’s negligence (other than your employer) causes your injury.

Public/Occupiers Liability

Have you tripped, slipped, fallen or been injured?

People suffer injuries in a variety of ways. In some circumstances you may be entitled to be compensated for your injuries.

If you have been injured but don’t know whether you would succeed with a claim, why not ask us?


Criminal Injuries Compensation

Injured as a consequence of a criminal act. See us to ensure you receive your just compensation


Areas of Expertise

We provide legal services to injured people in areas such as:

  • Asbestos and industrial diseases
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Transport Accidents
  • Accidents in public places
  • Medical negligence
  • Superannuation claims
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Car Accident Lawyer
  • Personal injury legal services
  • WorkSafe / WorkCover injury claims
  • Farming accidents
  • Injury in public or Injury on private property
  • TAC claims and road accident injury claims
  • Seacare claims and Comcare claims
  • Military Compensation claims
  • Early Superannuation for injury compensation benefits



We also provide legal services in these areas.


  • Family Lawyers
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Personal Estate Planning
  • Conveyancing Lawyers
  • Class Action Lawyers
  • Criminal Law


In all States and Territories there are different types of personal injury compensation claims available including.


•Personal Injury Claims

•Work Injury Claims

•Medical Negligence Claims

•Motor Vehicle Injury Claims

•Car Accident Injury Claims

•Total & Permanent Disability Claims

•Workers Compensation Claims

•Slip & Fall in Public Place Claims

•Dog Bite Compensation Claims

•Motorbike Injury Claims

•Product Liability Claims



Eligibility for Compensation

If you have sustained any of the following injuries anywhere in Australia, you may be eligible to make a claim:


•ankle injuries

•asbestos exposure diseases

•back injuries

•bitten by a dog

•brain injuries

•broken bones from an assault

•burn injuries

•death of a loved one


•gunshot wounds

•head injuries

•hearing loss

•knee injuries


•lung disease

•loss of fingers

•loss of libido/sex drive

•loss of limbs

•loss of sight

•loss of toes

•muscular injuries

•neck injuries

•psychological damage

•sexual assault

•shoulder injuries

•skeletal injuries

•skin disease from exposure

•spinal injuries

•sports injuries

•stabbing injuries

•workplace accident